Class LogManager


class LogManager
extends java.lang.Object

The LogManager is responsible for the creation and updating of logs. All log entries should be made through this class.

Constructor Summary
(package private) LogManager()
Method Summary
(package private) static void addEntry(java.lang.String logPath, java.lang.String entry)
          Append the given entry to the given log file.
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Constructor Detail


Method Detail


static void addEntry(java.lang.String logPath,
                     java.lang.String entry)
Append the given entry to the given log file. If the log file doesn't exist, it will be created. Note that a timestamp is automatically prepended to the entry and a newline is automatically appended to the entry.
logPath: - The full path of the desired log.
entry: - The text to be appended to the log file. It will be prepended with a timestamp and appended with with a newline.

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