Package org.bluesock.bluemud.driver

This is the engine of the system.


Class Summary
BluemudPermission This class implements bluemud permissions via java security.
BootStrap Bootstrap stub.
CalloutManager The callout manager keeps track of all the callouts in the world and queues them up at the appropriate time.
ConfigurationManager Reads in information from a props file specified by BluemudConfigFile.
ConnectEvent The ConnectEvent is responsible for binding a User object to a login object.
Driver The purpose of the driver is to wrap all of the system code, providing a single interface to the mudlib.
Engine The Engine class is responsible for processing mud events.
FileManager The FileManager is responsible for the management of all access to disk, including reading files, writing files, providing directory listings, etc.
InputEvent This event is responsible for forwarding player input from a User instance to a Controller instance, thereby guaranteeing that player input processing is scheduled by the Driver, preserving the appropriate ordering of in-game events.
LazyCache This is a quickie cache thing that should probably be fleshed out later.
LogManager The LogManager is responsible for the creation and updating of logs.
NawsEvent This event is responsible for forwarding NAWS events from the user's telnet client to the Controller instance allowing us to have in-game visual editors that resize when the user resizes their telnet client.
ObjectFactory The ObjectFactory is responsible for the creation of all in-game objects.
OID Represents an object identifier.
SecurityToken This is the security token that we base our permission system on.
Server Skeleton server that executes as a daemon thread and listens on a given port, binding connected sockets to Communicator and, ultimately, User objects.
SocketCommunicator This communicator abstracts the User object (which encapsulates a user on the mud) from the actual telnet connection they have.
TelnetConstants Holds Telnet Constants because everything was getting messy.
User The User class serves as the bridge between the SocketCommunicator, which is responsible for low-level network I/O, and the Controller, which is responsible for interpretation of user commands and forwarding of world-generated messages to the user.

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Package org.bluesock.bluemud.driver Description

This is the engine of the system. It handles the event queue, handles incoming connections, handles incoming data, provides interfaces to the file system, handles security, handles logging, handles bootstrap, handles configuration, handles persistence, and tries to abstract the mudlib from the operating system.

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