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the mission:

bluemud is a project to build a mud [?] server platform. We started this project in November of 2000 with several goals in mind:

Currently we have a driver built in Java and we use Jython as the Python interpreter. We've been tossing around the idea of rebuilding the driver in C and using CPython. Regardless, version 1.0 will be in Java with Jython.

Check the bluemud Sourceforge site for project details not here (feature/bug tracker, task manager, downloads, browsing our cvs repository for code...).


We're working on reimplementing and rearchitecture of some of the components. When we're at some stable version of things, we'll distribute everything under the MIT/X license. More about this on the architecture page.

In the meantime, everything we have is in the CVS repository--you can get it there. We regenerate the ool docs pretty regularly (every time someone commits something interesting) from the code in the CVS repository. It's on the documentation page. In terms of mudlib docs, we have stuff in the docs manager on the SourceForge site. If you have questions about things, please join the mailing list and ask.

Our two working modules are bluemud and bluemudatlas. The other modules there (code and working) are old code from a long time ago.


Right now it's Brother Neil, Brother Will, Sister Kelli, and Brother Igor working on things. We're working through all the things we're looking to build. We're not looking for help at this juncture. Maybe down the line when more of the project is solidified. You're more than welcome to download whatever is in the CVS repository and do whatever with it. Feel free to download our source tree. Details here.


It's under the MIT/X license. See LICENSE in the CVS Repository for details and actual license text.

bluemud-devl mailing list
bluemud on SourceForge

This web-site will be updated with recent bluemud stuff.

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