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bluemud is a project to build a mud [?] server platform. We started this project in November of 2000 with several goals in mind:

We first started out with the Varium mud server base and worked to extend it, test it with Python 2.0, and fix some of the issues it had. In January of 2001 we decided that we wanted to build this from scratch because of the security issue and we started thinking about a different architecture but continue with a pure Python implementation.

In April of 2001, we switched directions totally and rebuilt the driver in Java and the mudlib in Python using the Jython interpreter. This went on for some time until we we hit a series of issues:

In September of 2001, we started looking at a C/CPython architecture and analyzing a lot of the things we've learned over the last year and incorporating it into this latest design. We're still undecided about Java/Jython or C/CPython architectures. Regardless, version 1.0 will be a Java/Jython architecture.


4/26/2001 We moved from a pure-Python architecture to using Java and Jython. We did this so that we can use Java's security to lock everything down to some degree.
6/12/2001 We now have races
7/20/2001 Restructuring of the whole project into a better directory structure.
7/26/2001 Implemented mud-time!
8/2/2001 Edited and updated an object in-game! Yay!
8/6/2001 Added user authentication and basic user security
10/24/2001 Investigating a prototype which is a re-write of the Java portions in C to make the mud faster, more efficient, and get rid of some of the obstacles that Java/Jython have created for us